Why Partner With Us?

Our Beliefs

Frostbland is a distributor of health and beauty products. We market and distribute fragrance, cosmetics, health products and skin care. We develop localised marketing plans to be executed in the Australian and New Zealand markets. Frostbland has a dedicated sales force to ensure maximum attention to your brands. All of our services are performed in-house.

Unrivalled Sales & Marketing Team

Whether its our field team, national sales team or mix of traditional and digital marketing team, our artillery is stocked and loaded to get your brand where it needs to be.

One Stop Shop

One-Stop-Shop for brand owners requiring national sales coverage, in-house brand management with full logistics capability. Servicing over 6,500 retailers.

Brand Selector Not Collector

We pride ourselves our selecting brands we know we can make a difference with and can efficiently grow based on our 70 years experience.


Big enough player to matter to customers, but small enough to focus and build each brand in the portfolio, with the love and respect each of our brands deserve.

“Frostbland put simply, are nothing but an amazing company. Since our partnership, they’ve grown our business to new heights and we’ve been able to scale up in such a short amount of time. Not only are they extremely good at what they do, but the people within the company are extremely easy to work with, some of whom have now become close friends. We couldn’t be happier with Frostbland and everyone involved in the company.”

Manny Barbas : Alya Skin : Co-Founder

“Bondi Sands launched in 2012 with Frostbland Pty Ltd obtaining exclusive distribution for both Australia & New Zealand. The success of any brand especially in the highly competitive self-tanning / beauty market is firstly to secure and maintain strong retail distribution.

Frostbland’s secured distribution in over 1200 stores within 3 months of the launch date. This successful distribution and account management of our brand is one of the key reasons we have been very successful thus far.

Frostbland business is built on expertise, professionalism, long standing retail relationships and passionate people. This passionate, energetic culture within Frosbland has been a vital ingredient in the remarkable achievement in becoming the number 1 self tanning brand in Priceline Australia. Frostbland is an extremely forward thinking and energetic company with an excellent track record in the distribution and account management of health & beauty products. I am very impressed by the dynamism of the company’s leadership, strong work ethic and overall expertise and we look forward further joint success in the years ahead”

Shaun Wilson : Bondi Sands : Managing Director