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  • How two Aussie boys made $20 million selling pink face masks

    Manny Barbas and James Hachem aren’t your typical boys.

    At 24 years old, Barbas and Hachem, who had known each other since high school, created a pink clay face mask for women with sensitive skin, and are set to turn over $20 million by the end of this financial year. 

    But the company they founded, Alya Skin, wasn’t a fluke: it was a carefully planned operation.

    “I would keep my eye out in terms of what people were posting, like what niches. We knew that teeth whitening was going to be big before it was, and we knew that it was going to move to skincare,” Barbas told Yahoo Finance.

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  • Bondi Sands ‘breaks sales records’

    The world’s most coveted fake tan brand, Bondi Sands, has enjoyed record breaking sales since the launch of its ultra dark Aero formula – and it might have something to do with its ingenious marketing tactic.

    The Australian-made bottle has appeared on multiple social media grids since January 20, with the likes of personal trainer Steph Claire Smith, beauty YouTuber Shani Grimmond and Lose Island star Tayla Damir donning their bikinis to showcase their newly bronzed skin.

    Aero Aerated Self-Tanning Foam Ultra Dark has the power to take your complexion from winter snow to Caribbean sunset in the space of just six hours, and for $26.99.

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