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Alya Skin Mask

“We noticed that clay masks were trending on social media, and that is how we first came up with the idea to start a skincare brand. The world ‘Alya’ means heavenly/beautiful in Arabic and that is how the name came about,” explains Barbas. There’s no denying for two males with […]

NEW! Ardell Magnetic Lashes

This year, Ardell will launch the Magnetic Lash Collection, making them the first mass brand to launch a full strip magnetic false lash product after brand’s like One Two Lash launched the concept into viral success. Ardell’s innovation consists of two lightweight strips—a top and bottom lash—that sandwich over the […]

NEW! Bondi Sands Body Range

Bondi Sands is back with a brand new product, and it surprisingly has nothing to do with fake tan – well, sort of. The newest products launching to the Bondi Sands range are all about your skin and keeping it healthy and hydrated. It includes a body moisturiser, a body […]